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SNMP Status

SNMP Status is a network utility for Mac OS X. It displays traffic from SNMP2 capable devices in the menubar.
Version 0.5 is available on the SourceForge download page.

The (Mac OS X 10.4) "Tiger" version is upwards compatible with current Mac OS releases.

The current version isn't supposed to open any windows or dialogs automatically. It just adds a "x.xx dn; y.yy up" status item on the right side of the menu. Clicking on it to open the preferences dialog. (I think I have to add a dialog with some basic instructions in a future version.)

The article Monitor AirPort Bandwidth with SNMP Status by John F. Braun contains well-written additional instructions for first-time users.


The SNMP community is a kind of password. If a device doesn't have a password the community is "public".

An interface can be selected from the combobox if the device offers IF-MIB or AIRPORT-BASESTATION-3-MIB values. The counters will be entered by the program. Object-IDs from other MIBs can be entered in numerical form. This would look like: ".".

The labels make it possible to identify the values easily. It's possible to select the time between updates. The scale is applied to both values.

SNMP Status Screen 1